We’ll tell you what you need to know about the Festival of Science. Let’s go!

What is the Festival of Science, and why is it so attractive to all who have participated in it—both children and adults—that they look forward eagerly to each new Festival?

This is as it should be because the Festival of Science is intended for the widest audience. Its purpose is to tell society in clear and understandable language what scientists do, how taxpayers’ money is spent on the development of scientific research, how science improves the quality of the life, and what prospects it opens for the modern person. Thus, the Festival of Science helps to create intelligence, to cultivate interest in knowledge of the world, and to inspire interest in and respect for science from the earliest age.

The Festival has three distinctive characteristics. First, the Festival is open and accessible to all. A whole family, class, or course can take part in the activities of the Festival. Second, the Festival creates a celebratory atmosphere, thereby emphasizing the importance of touching science, touching knowledge. Third, and most important, the Festival allows everyone to become a full participant in the events. The exhibits, for example, are interactive so that it is possible not only to touch them but also to tinker independently with them. If there is a debate, it engages everyone. If scientific experiences for school students are presented, whenever possible they are in the form of a game. And it is most interesting to any teenager to make something at the Festival and then to bring it home or to school in order to remember the bright event.

Over the past decades, science festivals have become increasingly popular in many countries around the world, and they are held on nearly every continent. The European Science Events Association is supported by the European Commission and at the moment includes 68 organizations that conduct science festivals in 33 European countries, including Russia.

Further experience will help to polish the All-Russian Festival of Science in order to preserve its unity, integrity, and general harmony, and at the same time to ensure the uniqueness of the event in each region. The Festival of Science may be one of the few holidays that truly unites different generations, different cultures, and different nations. This is because science has no borders! Nowadays the Festival of Science involves all of Russia, and it depends on all of us to make the event a real holiday.

Join us! Let’s develop science together!

Official website: www.festivalnauki.ru